April 24th, 2017

Driveway fix

We enter and leave our property using the drivway adjacent to our lot.  It does not belong to us but they have to allow us access.  Weird set up.  But the property adjacent is a child care center.  After six that is great since they are all gone and the entire space is ours.  But in the mornings (drop off) and afternoons (pickup) the drive is very busy.  People in Texas tend to drive rather large vehicles.  Dualees (huge pickups with double back tires sticking out on each side) and ginormous SUV's are standard.  One at a time coming out of the drive is not a problem.  Passing each other in the drive turns out to be our problem.  These huge vehicles have taken to using our land as a defacto drive expansion project.  They seem to think that driving 10+ feet onto our property is OK.  Especially in the rain so they can dig out huge trenches and create muddy holes.

I finally got fed up and decided to put up some kind of barrier.  Dana, my wife, loves to paint dead PCs so we are creating a lovely PC curb.  Not sure how it will end up once we remove the cones which I put there so the morning group has a head's up something is different.  Maybe add another tower or two of computers.  But it is definitely solving the problem.  You can see to the right how far the cars were driving into the yard and to the left one of the potholes created.  At the moment it looks a little stranger than I'd like so we're maybe we add a sign that says Friendly Connedtions or something so it makes more sense.  Meanwhile at least part of the problem is solved.