May 24th, 2017

Memorial Weekend Plans

I'm thinking about letting the chicks out for a stroll under their coop (wire mess around it) this weekend.  It will freak them out (doesn't everything) but it is warm and they need the exposure.  I'm going to be doing some caulking anyway to finish things off.  The roof appears to be water tight but there is a leak where the roosting box connects that I need to fix and we're going to caulk the corners of the trim so they look nicer.  Then touch up paint.

And figure out a chicken walk.  I had it thought through and then realized that what I had would be fine for the chickens but doesn't allow us to get in with them (I had thought about 3 feet square tunnel.  SO now I'm looking at 4x4's again and thinking of a large enclosure that we can enter and feed them or whatever.  The only difficult thing will be the door.  I'll probably buy a screen door ($30 or so) and just frame it with 4x4's.  Making it up as I go along.