Are you ok?

I'm mostly a misanthrope.  The more people I meet, the more I like my dog kind of thing.  But I'm a sucker for those who are at the bottom of the heap, animal or human.  I refuse to watch those commercials with abused [enter your living entity here].  The fact that I don't doesn't jibe well with my misanthropy but I'm also inconsistent.

I had a call yesterday.  The woman (very young) was crying.  She was trying to figure out when she was going to get her refund.  She was homeless having just run or been thrown out of her ex's house.  I could only help a little but could with a guess about when she was going to get her $1300 refund.  

There was some noise behind her and a guy's voice.  It didn't sound threatening but my first thought blurted out "Are you safe?"  

She said she was safe in a room offered by a friend while his regular roommate was traveling.  Sounded like a short term thing.  

We talked a while longer and she seemed to calm down some.  My message to her was to just take the next step, grab the shovel and go to work and just keep going.  She sounded a little more positive when I let her go.  

Of course I didn't really want to let go.  I actually know people in the town where she is and could likely have made a connection.  She did not sound desperate and she sounded like she was going to work her way out, better by far than my getting involved.  So I threw up a boundary and let it go.

But maybe I added a grain of sand to the scales keeping me and my misanthropic self out of trouble.


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