January 6th, 2020

How to deal with the day - My apologies if I offend

When I was running my business I had about 10 hours a day with too much to do and if I ran out of things to do another 10 hours of stuff that I should be doing or should have done.  Basically a small business.

Now I don't have too much filling my brain which is nice but the world is starting to seep in and increasingly it is disturbing my attitude.  What I'm pretty sure we're watching is the end of the world as humanity has known it for the past six thousand years or so and the acceleration is increasing (I keep hearing Ian Anderson in the back of my head "and the train it won't stop going, no it won't slow down).  Nothing more catastrophic will happen in Texas than we already see.  I'll keep my warranty up on my air conditioner and we'll have more 104 degree days every summer but the water isn't going to rise here and the hurricanes are too far away.  But even in my lifetime we'll see Miami and New Orleans and Southern California under water most of the year, I suspect.  And the upper New England states will eat the hurricanes that decimate the windward and leeward islands along the path up there.  

My answer to all that is to work on my footprint.  Keep trying to make it smaller.  Minuscule contributions.

But none of that bothers me.  I think Greta and her tribe will turn the tide, as it were, somehow.

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