January 16th, 2020

OK.. I'm back

I actually flew back to Texas Tuesday and this is Thursday.  But I don't feel like I've caught up yet.  I am so routine based now I've got to get things just so before I'm comfortable again and things are getting there but not quite yet.  I've been getting together with susandennis  every January for maybe six or eight years now (read the comment below to find out the facts).  It started out with a 'hey, you want to meet in Las Vegas and cruise CES?' which we did for a couple of years before deciding we had seen enough curved television screens.  Then we just decided to read about CES and I'd just visit Seattle instead.  So we do that now.

What we really do is try to find activities that will engage us until the next meal.  It is very much like being on a cruise ship but the water and the food are further from the stateroom than usual.  Otherwise not that much different.  There are a few more places to eat than the usual cruise ship and we typically endeavor to find everywhere in Seattle worthy of a food review.  I'm still recovering.  

Getting to see my remaining sister (the one about whom we do not speak is in Greece or Darfur or somewhere and is or is not coming back) is really a treat.  So different now than when I was running my company.  Then it was all about escape from the pressures of work.  Now it is getting to spend time with my wonderful sister and to revisit the place that is demographically, politically, geographically as far from where I live as can be.

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