February 20th, 2020

Early voting

I decided I would watch last night's debate and vote today.  Seems logical.  Turns out the 'debate' was a bunch of high school students yelling at each other.  I managed about 20 minutes of it and found the entire thing too depressing to watch.  They need to boot out the audience and enforce actual debate rules with the microphone automatically cutting off end of the time a candidate has to speak on a given topic.  You know, an actual debate.  On point, on topic, on time.  



Now I'm in a quandary.  

Prime directive, defeat the incumbent.

Secondary directive, roll back some of the government corruption.  (I'm realistic about this one.. just happy to get the ship turning.. I don't expect a course reversal immediately but we are number 23 and getting worse in the corruption corruptions perception index .

Tertiary directive, global warming, health care as a right, international cooperation.

Given those fairly moderate goals, who to vote for?  I don't mind a lot of Bernie agenda but neither he nor Elizabeth are going to achieve much of it.  And I just am tired of being yelled at by Bernie.  And I think Elizabeth has squandered her lead and so lost much of my confidence in her ability to inspire.  Conversely Bernie is obviously inspiring a lot of people but I'm afraid will keep the moderate conservatives home who would vote Dem this cycle, I'm afraid.

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Early voting follow up

One of the voting stations is in a room attached to a Starbucks attached to a Randall's grocery store.  

Voting + soup and wings at Randall's + grocery shopping = win all the way around.  I combined it with a Goodwill drop off.

Ready for a nap now.