March 7th, 2020

Simple question - Current employment status

I help out a lot of PHD's by providing real info on  And I've earned about $560 over the course of a couple of years.  It is mostly interesting work and I find ways to spend the bucks without any guilt over wasting money.

One of the questions they invariably ask is 'what is your current employment?'.  Seems like an easy question.  But it is increasingly more difficult.  I'm retired.  Repeatedly. But I'm not dead yet.

I've found what might (stressing the 'might' at this point) end up being a cash crop doing much of what I already do but with more focus.  I'm creating a curated web site and maybe a curated email list focused around quality of life for those of us who are very familiar with Medicare.  It is not even really a work in progress yet.  Other than the title, site and About Me, it is barren.  I'm putting it together brick by brick and have not even completed the foundation yet.  

So I'm kind of busy doing some brick laying on something that might one day make me some money.  Still not sure that counts as being employed.