March 26th, 2020

Back to work?

I've given some thought to Trump's increased approval rating, read a ton of news, and avoided as much as I can looking or listening to him.  His incoherent daily ramblings leave his mouth and enter my ear but are changed between the two nodes.  

All I hear is "I'm losing money, my hotels are closed, I'm losing money, my people can't come see me in their huge wonderful crowds, I'm losing money, Biden is doing better, I'm....  " and it drones on and on.  It appears that he's saying other things but that is all I hear.

People are generally more afraid of running out of food than contracting a virus that will likely (80%!!) end up being no big deal.  I suspect that given the choice a majority would opt for 'give me the virus now so I can be immune and get back to work'.  I can empathize.  I'm not in that position now but I'd be terrified were I still to own my business.  

By Easter the $1200 will have been long gone, people with families will be way beyond stir crazy, and Trump will start to make sense.  He will start to look like the Great Leader that he thinks he is.

I've got my fingers crossed that Cuomo's will continue his rise as the sane leader in this part of the world but I'm not completely confident it will hold.

On a very bright side, nearly everyone I know locally has checked in with me over the past week to be sure we are OK.  Weird to be the 'old person' that people need to check on.  They don't, actually, but it is really nice that they did.

I want to ride my bicycle

It is too hot and a little windy but there is nothing I more enjoy than riding my bike by myself with Pink Floyd in my head phones and nothing but time on my hands in these hills.  It is rolling meditation that feeds my titanium hip, my titanium knee, and my soul (still original issue).


I listen to Hacks On Tap Podcast.  It is David Axelrod and Mike Murphy talking about the elections from the perspective who have run candidates before.  They are both great guys and don't yell at each other.  I've learned a lot while walking Zoe.  

Today they have a new sponsor and I HAD to buy:

It is Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, and Cocoa Puffs but good for you.

I bought one of each.  They are WAY too expensive but, really, life is short and it has been too long since I've had any of the three, much less any of the three without guilt.

Review to follow.