March 29th, 2020

My daily walk is pretty this time of year

I walk Zoe, the not so brave, nearly every day.  Ok, truth, she sits by my desk in the morning while I'm drinking coffee and stares at me until I take her on her walk.  We do about a mile and a half in 30 minutes on a mostly crushed granite path (for which my knee and hip are grateful).  It is so good for both of us.  I let her off the leash as she is the most polite and obedient dog.  If she sees anyone else on the path she stops and looks back to me as if to say "back on the leash?".  And I call her and she comes back and gets on the leash until we are past them then back off again.  She knows the rules and is really the best about it.  

This time of year we have some especially lovely views.  This on a fence lining the dog park:

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