April 6th, 2020

Back from the store

It is such a weird feeling to go out once a week or so.  Zoe and I do the walk but to get into the car and go to a store and see lots of people just feels like an alternate reality.  I guess that is actually what it is so not an unreasonable thought.  Like wandering through a Twilight Zone with Rod.  "Hey, look over there!"

Nice to be a woodworker sometimes
Nice to be a woodworker sometimes

I had forgotten that my skill saw mask was hanging out in my shop.  So the world has not yet seen my Marine Corps t-shirt mask.  This one gets some Lysol and since I don't use it for days at a time it hangs up and de-germifies.

The trip was to HEB and went well.  They still don't have any flour but my wife, Dana, scored a bag each of King Arthur's bread flour and whole wheat so I'm good for now with that.  Good thing since I just bought some chocolate chips and have some over-ripe bananas (that is actually two separate things --- cookies and bread not chocolate chip banana bread).

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