April 8th, 2020

Trying NOT to buy

My wife scored some whole wheat and bread flour at Target yesterday so I baked some bread and am now into my one bag of bread flour.  I've got six loaves of bread before I have to go 100% whole wheat and still have a bunch of all purpose flour left over.  And it makes me antsy.  So weird.  I'm pretty sure it is available at Target and once the pipeline is back open it will be continuous.  It was a short disruption.  We could eat for weeks with what we have but I find myself obsessively checking the HEB site for delivery times and thinking that we could use more flour and we're on the last couple of cartons of milk (or will be once we finish the cartons we're on).

Dana, my wife, has been helping the spouse of her best friend who died now maybe two years ago.  It pisses me off.  Spouse remarried, which was good.  But now, two years  later and they pick the most dangerous time to pull her out of the house.  She's done it three days now and I've kept my mouth closed but for one truthful comment that for her getting Covid-19 would be a death sentence for which I got the expected acerbic retort.  

Control the things I can.

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Surprise reaction

In 2005 Peter Jennnigs the anchor of ABC news died.  Turned out he started smoking again as the pressure of covering 9/11 hit him and he died of lung cancer.  Not a huge drip in the country's bucket but it really hit me and still resonates a bit.  I don't really know why of all the people why his death would matter so much to me.  I didn't have any personal connection other than I watched him on the news nearly every night and that he was kind of a bulwark to me, a follow on of Cronkite who was a follow on of Edward Murrow in a kind of begat domino effect.  But I was rattled but Jennings' death for months.  

This is how I feel about John Prine but maybe more so.  In 1973 I heard The Devine Miss M for the first time.  In retrospect I think it was in a dorm room of a guy who came out of the closet 10 years later but I may be remembering that wrong.  Regardless I was rocked by Bette.  And she sang 'Hello in there' better than anyone and I discovered John Prine and have listened to him now for 47 years along with Bette and Bonnie Rait and all the others who added their voices (and who, no doubt will continue to add their voices) to the Prine chorus including Stephen Colbert.

John's off down the track walking with his guitar whistling and fishing.