April 29th, 2020

Canine acquisition

Well, I've promised my wife we could get Zoe a sibling and, at 10 years old (Zoe, not my wife) she could use one to play with.  And the day has come in a good way I think.  Dana has a friend in Tyler who has decided she is too old to properly care for her small 3 year old poodle.  The poodle or poodle mutt has been on our list of desired dogs and getting this from a friend is the best of choices.  So it would appear to be kismet.  The only reason to put is off has been money.  Dogs are expensive if they are well taken care of (and why else would you have one).  Zoe has allergies that cost us more than I'd like to think and just getting the annual vaccines, monthly drugs and ALL THE TREATS is a lot.  So I've been delaying but it looks like we'll drive the four hours up to Tyler in the next couple of days and collect a new family member.

Chaos to follow.

Dinnerly - 4th week report

So we're on the fourth week of Dinnerly meals and overall I like them.  I really like being able to pick dishes and have the ingredients delivered without having to shop.  Especially works now and has saved me probably three trips to the store over the month.  I also like the meat they deliver.  It is always better than what I typically get (this was true with Hello Fresh too).  And the cost is good @ $6.70/person per meal.  Hello Fresh was enough more than that I stopped them for being too expensive.  Dinnerly cuts every corner they can.  They don't send the recipes, you have to print them yourself off the web site.  I download them to my tablet and use that.  It works fine.  They omit things like flour and egg, things Hello Fresh sent.  But I don't mind that at all.  Totally worth the difference.

The recipes leave a little to be desired but I think that is just me.  They seem a bit jumbled and not as orderly as I'd like but I get through them OK and it generally comes out as a good dish.  I thought Hello Fresh did a bit better with the directions but I can figure it out.

What we got in this week's box
What we got in this week's box
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