May 7th, 2020

Brain Trust News

About two and a half years ago I found out about a monthly breakfast taking place with three of my friends who I had originally met when I was part of a networking group (BNI Rocking Referrals).  Somehow I invited myself to join them.  I don't remember how that happened but the result has become somewhat of a seminal event in my life.  We meet every month, first Thursday usually, over breakfast and talk about business and other stuff for a couple of hours.  Last two months have been a Zoom but we're still doing it.

One owns a very successful insurance agency.  One owns a very successful pest control company.  One owns a very successful bookkeeping company.  And me.  When I first started with them I owned a moderately successful computer company.  Now I'm the mascot.

I'm about the same age as their parents but we meet as age peers most of the time.

One is a member of LDS.  One is very right wing married to a gun toting, flag waving, deer hunting Texan who 'everybody' loves.  Two are atheists.  Two are progressives within the constraints of avid capitalism.  Two are apolitical.  One for sure will vote for Trump.  One won't decide until October.  Two are ABT's (aka I've got a bag of cement here I'll write in as a presidential vote if necessary).  

All three have the highest level of integrity I've ever seen.

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Screwed up some baking

Oh, boy, did I make a mistake.  I've been using this dough recipe for a couple of weeks now.  Two batches.  It makes wonderful focaccia bread using spices (rosemary) straight out of the yard.  I'm still working on a good pizza with it.  And I totally screwed up one batch of cinnamon rolls.

But today I made some of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had.  Like Cinnabon only not so sweet.  Pro:  They are a little complicated to make so I won't do it too often.  Con: They are amazing.

Not so pretty when just put in the pan
Not so pretty when just put in the pan
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