May 9th, 2020

Zoom family get togethers

I've hardly talked to my two sons in years.  Just enough to maintain relationships but none of us are phone talkers.  We trade emails some and I've physically seen them a couple of times in the past three or four years.  But we're all just living our lives and had not reason to talk more.  One lives in Des Moines with his wife, one in Massachusetts without his.

When all the Covid stuff started I began to think I should contact them and figure out how they are doing.  So I texted the one in Des Moines and, ultimately, got him on Zoom and we talked.  I thought, OK, this is good.  And once I had done talking to him sent a text to the other one with a Zoom link and he quickly came up.  We talked a bit and I asked if he minded if we included his brother and just then we had a family chat going for the first time in....   well, damn near forever.  It was nice.  Everyone played well together and, it turns out, the brothers have been in communication some and have buried a hatchet they'd been wielding for many years.  Friendly siblings.  Stranger and stranger.

So I waited a couple of weeks and asked my sister susandennis to join us.  Then my step son.  Now we've kind of got a thing going.  Every other Friday on Zoom about cocktail thirty.  Last night the boys and my sister kept it up into the late night after I went to bed.  

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