May 20th, 2020

Trying to beat the heat

We're off to a record setting summer (it will be over 100 "feels like" today).  I don't love it at all and spend a lot of time in the A/C but I've gotten over thinking about it (or whining about it) all the time.  But it does change my schedule.  At 9:30AM it is nearly 80 degrees so if I'm headed out for a Zoe walk then this is too late.  Somehow Zoe is aware and starts poking me with her paw around 7.  

We went out today and it the world still has a lot of wildflowers which will wilt in a month but are lovely now:

Patch of variety
Patch of variety

I frequently pick a few for my wife and for my Buddha.  Get them while I can.  

Yesterday I did a post noon 85 degree ride on my bike.  It is my acclimation process and it is safer than walking in the heat.  But I did less than 45 mins to get in some work but not so much that it is dangerous.  Even that was a little difficult and I was happy to get back and cool down and I'm tired today.  The walk was harder than usual.

Such is Texas summer.  

Leadership in the time of Woodstock

For many years I've had a funny kind of hero on my list.  My only interaction with him is being alive at the same time.  But I think about his brand of lunatic logic and caring and goofy leadership and would like to emulate much of it.  Not all.  But much of it.

Hugh Nanton Romney Jr.  What a name.  A couple of years after Woodstock he was randomly renamed, by B.B. King no less, Wavy Gravy and so he shall ever be.  

To nearly everyone he's just a clown.  A core figure in the 60's counter culture he fronted a band of true hippies (as opposed to those of us buying expensive vests in Greenwich Village) called the "Hog Farm" who wandered the U.S. espousing comedy, doing skits and living back on the land.  And he would have faded into the crazy 60s landscape but for a concert in Bethal, NY in 1969.

The documentary "Woodstock: Three days that defined a generation" now on Netflix filled in a lot of holes for me but I have known the story for decades.  The concert promoters needed security for their weekend.  They expected at most 150,000 people and they did their research.  The many concerts that summer had all kinds of tear gas and baton kind of rules enforcement and that was not what they were looking for.  Somehow they came up with the idea that Hugh Romney and his band of brothers and sisters could be 'security' and Hugh, goofy guy that he was said: "Sure".  Long story short and back to my point of leadership, they got to the festival and started securing it.

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Channeling Zoey

So susandennis Zoey has apparently taught my Toby how to eat things NOT on the menu.  Got back to my bedroom and my ear buds were out of place.  Also out of rubber tips:

Missing something....   digestable
Missing something.... digestable

Fortunately like any good geek, I've got a pile of them.  And some contact cement to be sure they stay on next time.  And a drawer to put them in when I get up.