May 23rd, 2020

Unfortunately I was right

A couple of weeks ago Texas began 'opening up' and we're on the open up train tracks now at full speed.  

At the time I thought and said the week of 11 April would start to show a virus growth but it took a little longer.  We're on the upswing and not in a good way now.  I'm even more onboard with social distancing.  And once we all (the 'we' referencing my state, not me) go to church this weekend and hit the barbecue unmasked and undistanced we'll have another ramp.  So starting the week of 8 June.

The Texas stats indicate a very low mortality rate and very high active case rate for 20-50 year olds. So they are going to do all the herd immunity hard work. They are also the ones I see mostly without masks and absolutely the ones whining the most.  So the stats are pretty obvious.  

I was at Whole Foods 365 yesterday and they are all over testing and cleaning.  They now have a paid employee by the door who disinfects everything that doesn't move fast enough and hands out masks to anyone who doesn't have one.  They have carts on one side under a sign saying "Clean" and on the other saying "Not cleaned".   The downside is it is Whole Foods and I can't afford to go there.  Of course no one else can either so it was pretty empty.  But they are doing it right. 

There are safe places to go still to conduct essential business.  And for the rest?  Well, it is not essential so I'm good.

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