June 15th, 2020

I think today is dog washing day

Pictures to follow.

No reason other than it has been a while and both get medicated shampoo so it is good for them.  The allergies are not good for any of us and the medicated shampoo helps ensure that if/when they scratch the resulting infections don't get out of control.  Both are in good shape.  This is preventative.

And I've got a CASA zoom meeting sometime this afternoon.  Nothing happening.  Just a checkup.  All three of my kids are in safe places and doing well as can be expected.  They don't much need my help so I'm just remotely tracking.

Zoe woke me up at 6:45 saying that it will be hot today and wouldn't it be nice to go for a walk RIGHT NOW?  She's so considerate.  There will be a nap in our future today.

Yesterday I went to the store, our local great chain, HEB.  Typically there have been a few people who weren't wearing masks but the store does its due diligence cleaning carts and all employees wear masks so it has been OK.  Yesterday you'd be forgiven for thinking that there was no pandemic.  The workers wore masks, mostly covering their nose too, but less than half the people shopping wore them and there was nearly zero physical distancing.  I had to work at it to stay away from people.  My feeling is that the majority here, or a group approaching the majority, have decided that Covid is not worth changing their lifestyle over.

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I used to live in Jacksonville, FL.  Part of the time I lived on a sailboat.  Much of the time I was part of the North Florida Cruising Club (sailboats + sun + alcohol — amazingly no one ever drowned).  This picture is of a flotilla celebration of Trump's birthday (also known as #ObamaAppreciationDay!!):

Notice anything about this?
Notice anything about this?

Had this been an Obama Appreciation Day flotilla it would have been sailboats.  Absolutely true.