June 28th, 2020


Definition: A 19th century invention that I just started trying to figure out.

My initial impression of sudoku was that that it was kind of like one of those 'word find' things since it first rose to my level of attention in the grocery store puzzle books.  As my intellect and arrogance was clearly above all that I ignored it.  For about 40 years.  

Somehow I downloaded a Sudoku app a month or two ago and found out what the puzzles really were.  Now it is my mental push up challenge every day.  At least one 'Easy' one, a 'Moderate' one and a full crash into a 'Hard' one.  I can usually finish the moderate level but have only completed one at the hard level and have never even looked at the New York Times puzzles.

I do them all with a British accent as a result of learning on this YouTube channel.  They solve better with a British accent.  Pro Tip.

The object for me is to never guess and never use a tip.  If I can't suss it out I quit and sometimes come back to it or sometimes just move on and assume my skills will eventually increase.

One of my major concerns in life other than is loss of mental faculty.  I see the deterioration over time and suspect it will never get better.  As directed by Dylan Thomas, Sudoku is how I 'rage against the dying of the light' and is my love/hate go to method of maintaining some sanity.  Only took me 40 years to find it.


I'm not really asking, I just like the acronym. I know the answer. 

Met my wife at a friend's house to pick up a cabinet which will solve ALL of her storage problems (wait, that's not the AITA part).

The cabinet was at the home of two grown friends who we have known for years since before one of their previous spouses died.  Neither of them had on a mask and neither did my wife.  I had mine on and the woman said 'Hey, from a distance, or we could hug.'  I did not react well saying 'my wife will die if she contracts COVID' so I'm a little upset that none of you are wearing a mask.  Her response was  'we're all well'.  Really. I didn't continue the conversation as it would really have gone downhill from there.  Even her husband mumbled at the level only I could hear, 'we don't really know that'.  

And, yeah, she's a died in the wool flag waving Republican, presumably a Trumper.  Could not be more iconic.

I did what I had to do, moving the storage, and waived goodbye.  

There are a couple of good reasons I self isolate.  One of them is to avoid the pandemic.  The other is to avoid people.

And again, dumping my frustration here is helpful.  Thanks for listening.