July 2nd, 2020


We watch too much TV.  I read a lot and do other things but we end up watching right much news and a couple of shows and a couple of series and movies.  And as long as the price is reasonable I'm good.  We have two ROKU TVs which I love.  The absolute best TV by far I've ever had.  And when we first moved into our house October 2018 YouTubeTV was $40/month and had pretty much everything I wanted on it.  It came in over the Internet and all was fine.  

YouTube added a few more channels I never watch and raised their rates to $55.  I put up with it since changing to another system was kind of a PIA and YouTubeTV has local news.

This week Google announced an increase to $65/month and added a bunch of channels I'll never watch.

So I'm fishing.  I just set up Sling TV.  Their interface is a lot better.  Of course Sling has been in the business for 20+ years so their software is pretty sophisticated and the price for all the channels I want and about 35 I don't is $45/month with a promise that they won't change it for a year and a half at least.  By then everything will have changed anyway.  The down side and this might be a deal breaker is that there is no local news stations.  YouTubeTV has access to the two Austin stations that allow us to have some idea of what is happening here without having to get on the PC.

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