July 11th, 2020

Slow motion science fiction

I feel like we're in a really slow and kind of boring science fiction disaster movie.  Here's the latest element:

Location: just north of Austin
Location: just north of Austin

I mentioned just last week that I'd not heard of Zika or West Nile this year so far.  So it looks like I'm the one that brought it on.

Just wrap me in a cocoon and let me know when this is over.


The Darwin Awards are for people who have....   contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool.

Not to mix metaphors but please peruse this entry into the Twilight Zone:

Eligible for a 2020 Darwin Award
Eligible for a 2020 Darwin Award

It was on the news so everyone's seen it by now.  Being a member of the Flat Earth Society will not result in death.  Embracing 4Chan theories will not, in themselves, kill you.  Prepping for Armageddon might even have a little up side.

Missing the reality that science does not forgive a lack of research results in Grand Canyon falls (gravity), loss at sea (fluid dynamics), and death by Covid (disease probability).  

It will forever astound me.  And the last words were, essentially, oops.