July 30th, 2020

Adapt and overcome

I took Zoe to the vet this morning for her twice a year allergy check.  Four years ago we had about given up on her.  She was constantly scratching and had all kinds of infections.  We bathed and brushed and did everything we could think of and were making no progress.  She was so miserable we considered putting her down.

Then took her to a vet specializing in dermatology, got her on Apoquel, among other things, took care of fungus and infections and got her off poultry feed (and on to kangaroo for a long time) and she slowly got better.  Fast forward to today, she is just fine, still on a daily regimen of Apoquel and Zyrtec but she is the picture of health. 

Her vet visit today was, of course, a bit different:

Shade for the cars
Shade for the cars

There were about 20 car coverings each with a sign in the front giving the phone number and the number of the parking place.  So I called in and gave them my number and they came out to pick up Zoe, called when she was done, got the payment over the phone and returned her.

It was nice to have some shade but I'd hate to be responsible for this set up next time there's a strong wind or hail storm.

174 days to inauguration

I should so not publish this

Conservative think tank leader says schools should reopen since most Texans dying from COVID-19 are elderly or Hispanic.

Vance Ginn is the chief economist for the Texas Public Policy Foundation and clearly a Dan Patrick acolyte.  

He was bragging on the newly corrected Texas death data which shows "Mostly elderly & Hispanics dying"  "Very few kids die".

"Why not #openschools, end universal mandates"  

In other words, we've finally figured out what beats this covid into submission.  We have actually stopped this state from becoming a massive graveyard, are finally on the road to controlling the epidemic here.  Why not stop doing it?

His reasoning appears to be that the population most effected is hispanic and old people and they are expendable.  

OK, that part is predictably self serving and expected of the conservatives in this state.  I hardly even paid it any heed and had I not read the next line, would have not thought much of it.  But, he went on:

“I believe strongly based on my deep faith that every life is precious,” he wrote.

The two most contemptible groups of people in my experience are those who invoke the flag and those who invoke religion.  Every life is precious but for the hispanics and elderly who we don't need (other than my gardener and my maid and the people gathering my food and cleaning my bathrooms and manning my polling stations and redistributing food and clothing for those who need it and volunteering to support abused children .... ).

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