August 1st, 2020

My Zen exam (a fail)

I was prepping as usual for my morning walk with Zoe and discovered that none of my blue tooth ear buds would work.  I took it as a sign and just decided to take a meditation walk.  Breath in, breath out.  Mile and a half or so.

The morning was nice and the walk was as usual but with fewer people.  So I was cruising blissfully along when I ran into a fellow dog walker with whom I've spoken in the past.  A nice guy and the only other one with a dog, like Zoe, sufficiently trained to be off leash and mind her own business.  In the past we've talked about this and that, nothing significant other than the Covid.  So I was cruising with my breathing meditation and ready to pass a couple of nice phrases with him when he said in the calm, quiet voice of a Zen master speaking in my ear:

"When are you going to put your Trump sign out?  The election is about 90 days and a bunch of us are getting together to do it."

I could hear the laughter of every Zen teacher I've read or listened to or imagined in my head.  

It was a perfect moment.

There is almost no other random event other than being knifed or shot that would have more completely thrown me out of my revelry, have rattled my nice safe meditative walk.  It was a perfect disruptor.

I don't argue well in or verbally.  I'm a writer.  And having discourse with someone already putting a sign in their yard is the supreme waste of time and energy.

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