August 6th, 2020

Butcher box customer service

Got my first Butcherbox.  Bacon, beef roast, three huge chicken breasts, couple of NY strips and some hamburger.  I've not tried any of it yet but it seems to be a good value so far.  

But it came two days early.  Great, you think.  BUT I don't randomly open my front door during the day.  In fact I seldom open it.  And I get so many randoms on my Ring doorbell I turned off the notifications.  So they delivered (LSO was the delivery service) and I got no notification but happened to open the door for something else and there it was.  Surprise!

It could have easily sat there a day or two.  Fortunately it was all still frozen although the dry ice was all gone.  All in all not a huge deal until I got an email today from Butcherbox saying that my shipping was delayed.  ??

I wrote them a nice note saying they needed to:

1 — Kick LSO's ass.  There is no interface for LSO to notify me about shipment status.  USPS, UPS, and Fedex all have a way to get me an email notification or something.  

2 — Figure out why they don't even know the true status of the shipment.

I presented the note as a help to them. They are using LSO as a cheaper shipping method trying to keep costs down which works for me.  And LSO needs to step up if they want to play in the big leagues.

The response email I got back was encouraging:

Collapse )

Please allow a short vent

The PC was first created in its embryonic form in about 1975.  That means people have had 45 years to learn the basics.  Email was invented six years before that.

The BCC function was created in 1977.

I'm six days short of my 67th birthday and have now officially run out of patience with people not understanding how to use a PC, email, cc and bcc.  And pretty much any other function that is part of the normal use of a computer.

This brief rant stems from a conversation I had with a business person who was reporting on someone who had sent out an announcement to 50+ people using CC and was not happy when a couple of them replied negatively including all in the CC group.  When I said it was the originators fault for not using BCC in the first place I heard the oft repeated phrase: 'well, he doesn't know much about computers'.

NO, NO a thousand times no.

He does not have an excuse.  He is lazy and a victim of his laziness.

Stop making excuses for people who are too lazy to properly use a hammer and end up with a bruised thumb.

Thank you.  I feel better now.