August 7th, 2020

My second favorite weather report

A long time ago I heard a weather report this time of year from the NPR station in Dallas.  It went something like:  "It's August today and will be August for about another three months".


This was on my phone today:

Praise the AC man
Praise the AC man

My favorite weather report was when I was maybe 10 years old in North Carolina:

"Schools will be closed tomorrow with expected five inches of snow"




I got up early this morning to take my Zoe walk before it got too warm.  And to get it out of the way so I could go to Costco for the senior hour at 9.  

Then I started wondering why I was going to Costco.  I was on automatic.  I've found an outgrowth of this staying home is that I want to go to the store a lot more than I really have to.  Never much for food planning I've always hit the grocery store whenever I feel like it.  Now with every foray to places where there are other people being a little dangerous I start to question my jaunts.

We're down to a couple of pounds of coffee beans which is, to me, about five pounds less than minimum.  I get nervous when there's not a full complement of coffee in the house and Costco has some really good grower partnership coffee beans for the best price.  And we're down to four rolls of paper towels.  And we need bread.

So, translation: I've got a week's worth of coffee, two weeks or more of paper towels and, by the way, I have enough flour, yeast and the rest to make a dozen loaves of bread.  And we just got a box of meat so no reason to Costco that.  

After dithering for half an hour (something I rarely do.. I'm pretty much a decide and do kind of person) I decided to delay Costco until next week.

I've got my bulgar wheat grain soaking right now and will have bread much better than I can buy done in about four hours.