August 8th, 2020

A year with my knee

Two years ago I was recovering from getting my right hip replaced.  It had been really bothering me for years, long before I realized what was the cause.  My cycling was up to about 120 miles a week at that time and it kept the issues with my hip at bay.  But I'd had to change from a push mower to a riding mower when, one day, I got to the end of a row and could hardly stand.  Shopping was painful and I leaned on the cart.  I had to actually lift my right leg up with my hand to get into my truck.  This went on for years before I did anything about it.  

The titanium hip was wonderful.  After the surgery, I refused all the pain meds (they actually kind of guilted me as they threw away the hydrocodone that was in the pain pump I never used).  But I was really not in much pain at all.  I mean walking again was painful and building up muscle around the hip was challenging.  I remember days thinking 'this is not fun'.  But I dumped the walker in two days and dumped the cane in a couple of weeks and was walking as far as I wanted in a couple of months.  HUGE difference.

So, a year ago at this time I was recovering from a left replacement.  Knee opposite the hip.  It was crunchy when I walked or did much of anything.  Bone on bone.  Not ever going to get better.  I did the faux shark cartilage injections and they did nothing.  Did all the stuff you're supposed to but the knee was never going to return and I was not getting any younger, so I pulled the trigger.

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