August 21st, 2020

It's just another day

All quiet on this front.  I'm kind of spinning my wheels now I've decided to do some work waiting for the setup/training to start.  Of course the complete lack of any idea of what to expect makes things weird.  Expect from them and expect from me.  I'm kind of ramping up the idea in my head that I'm bored (rather than the one that I really kind of like not having to do anything).  As usual the hard edge of money ultimately generates the motivation to do something but I'd like to be in a position that I really want to do some work and that I don't have to do it.  All attitude.

Based on LJ (and I can't remember who to give credit to now) recommendation I used some Prolific money to buy a steam mop and I'm ridiculously excited to get it and so hope it works the way I think it will.  We have about 70% ceramic floors specifically designed to hide everything.  It is almost impossible to tell whether they are dirty unless you look really close.  I looked really close in our kitchen and ...   well, let's just say I'm really excited to be getting a steam mop.  We have two cats (including the one who may one day magically disappear) and two dogs and two people.  And it has been two years.  We really need to mop the floors with something that works.

So I'm going to have an exciting weekend.  Don't let anyone tell you that retirement isn't fun.



Once I finally figured out how to install the app on my Roku I saw every minute of the DNC convention.  It was really nice to have it short and to the point and I think, for the first time out, they did a good job of putting it together.  Someone is going to figure out how to fix the awkward places with people standing there waiting to be cut or waiving to a non-existent audience.  The huge Zoom room was pretty neat.  If they could have rolled those screens like panning an audience and had hundreds rather than 20 it would have been amazing. I think they will expand on that and make it bigger and make it work better.  And having 10 seconds of every state and eligible convention nominating group was wonderful.  And kicking off with Stephen  and ending with John and Common was just wonderful.  

I may try to watch some of the RNC just to compare.  No doubt they are scrambling today to insert some of the successful things they saw over the past 4 days.  

Watching something like a convention with which I completely agree is so fulfilling, such a nice feeling, so hopeful.  And so dangerous.  I remember when Hillary was introduced with her film.  It was a great story.  She was a compelling person.  I believed.  But she didn't win by enough.

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