August 28th, 2020


I was on my annual visit to the dermatologist to be sure my decades of tennis don't kill me with something stupid like not getting a skin check.  All went well with that.  She always finds something or other to freeze off but nothing that looks dangerous.  Yay.

Long as I was about I went by Walmart and was pleasantly surprised by the organization and the fact but for two people everyone was properly wearing masks.  One had his huge nose sticking out the other was an old man who thought walking down the main isle while blowing his maskless nose was reasonable.  I gave him a 30 yard separation.

But Walmart itself was great.  They have one entrance and one exit now so things are controlled.  If it had been busy they were all set to create a line and control the entrance and there were plenty of employees being helpful.  

My wife needs some blood pressure medication that all of the sudden is no longer available through Tricare insurance.  But turns out Walmart has a huge formulary of  drugs that are set at $4/month or $10/90 days and this is one of them.  It is so nice to have a huge company like that use their purchase power to offer reasonably priced meds.  

So I walked around and spent some of the money we saved with them. A win all around.

KBs and Mice

As part of this new gig I'm doing, or soon starting, I need a more complicated PC set up.  The work set up requires me to have my PC in kiosk mode which is kind of like signing into a VPN, a remote PC over which I have no control and am almost completely constrained to do just what they want.  It makes my PC an appliance useful for only their apps.  It is a very good and secure set up and a way to have a bunch of remote users of varying skill sets and varying security settings run applications for your business.  And for the time it is in that mode I'm completely cut off from having a PC.  That is also their intent.

So I've got a second computer (I used to have 10 or 20 sitting around at any given time), a Surface laptop, I can use off to the side.  I thought it would be really nice to have a keyboard and mouse that could switch between the two and they do exist so I got one.  For $60 I got a JellyComb keyboard and mouse.  

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