August 30th, 2020

Neighbors and calendars

Two entirely separate subjects crammed into one entry.

The house next door was rented out again.  The previous neighbors were friends and both worked in health care so it was kind of nice.  The new ones are young, no kids, no dogs far as I can tell.  They moved themselves with a trailer and car so they must be moving from somewhere close by.  And  they've been moving in the 100 degree heat.  I think they turned on lights yesterday and then left.  I came into my office last night and thought the moon was full and in the wrong place.  A window with no shade and bright ceiling light next door was streaming in my window.  These houses are so close they are all but duplexes.  So the no kids part is kind of nice.  We would definitely hear babies and barking dogs.

Covid makes going by and shaking hands hello less than optimal.  Sigh.

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No atheists in the foxhole

An oft repeated and ridiculous statement but one that came to mind at the end of this rather extraordinary article in ProPublica about the Megafires in California.  The problem isn't politics this time but human nature and history.  And money and the for profit everything that results in fire retardant drops scheduled for when people can record them for the news rather than when they will do the most good.

The most jarring phrase in the article was when discussing the  

What is the disaster scenario that finally causes us to alter in a meaningful way our relationship and response to fire? The answer: something along the lines of a megafire taking out San Diego. 

The implication of the story is things are not going to change, there is no power to change them UNTIL, not unless, UNTIL one of the major cities in California burns up in a fire like the one going on now.  

But the last line is what made me create this section:

As Ingalsbee said, “You won’t find any climate deniers on the fire line.”

Yeah, buddy.