September 2nd, 2020

Big sprinkler system in the sky

I don't even bother this time of year to look at the forecast.  The heat warnings of over 100 come into my phone automatically and I just assume every day will be the same.  

But somehow we got rain today.  I headed out to walk with Zoe and we got about half way and it started to rain.  Zoe hardly recognized what was going on and started running back and forth as if to tell me we need to run to keep from melting.  It was coolish when we left so I had taken a light sun shirt so I was actually fine.  It was pretty damn nice to see some free water coming down out of the sky.  

Nearly 10AM and it is only 72 degrees.  So weird.

The opposite food day

From turkey dinner yesterday to strange smoothie today.  

One of the things  Butcher Box does is affiliate with Smoothie Box.  Or maybe it is the same company.  TLDR.  But they gave a $15 discount and Dana just last week was looking at a smoothie company and saying that she'd like to try it.  So I added one plus one and ordered a box.

A box of Smoothie Box is 20 packages, 5 each of their four different choices and works out to about $6/package (or $5/package if you subscribe).  It is a little pricey since you've still got to add milk and orange juice or almond milk and they recommend protein powder and/or other things like nuts and bananas.  So by the time you get done it is more like $7+.  

I just grabbed one out of the freezer without looking at what it was and made a smoothie for late breakfast.  It was their Cacao smoothie.  

Pro: it has good stuff for me in it.  I eat very few veggies because I don't like them.  This has a bunch as does the Vega protein I added.  And I'll likely eat a snack this afternoon and not a huge dinner (see previous entry about turkey leftovers) so all in all a good food day without much effort on my part.  It tastes chocolately.  Anything that tastes like chocolate is good.

Con: UGLY looking stuff.  It does taste good but better not to look.  And price.  And, yeah, we didn't have a blender that would blend that much at once so this ends up costing a bit.

But I did get my vegetables.