September 5th, 2020


The five set Fritz loss screwed my shopping schedule yesterday.  

I will NOT turn on tennis until I get my shopping done today.

The economy, [well.. you know]

I've been thinking this for a while and saying it to no one around me that the economy is on a huge rubberband and while things may be slow now what is really happening is a reconfiguration and a huge pent up demand building.  Over the next year we're going to be building up the energy of a slingshot and when Biden takes over in January the wheel is going to be spinning faster and faster. 

Two data points are all I really need to say the above.

1 — The stock market is always a predictor and, this week aside, they have chosen.  They are seeing what I'm seeing, the pandemic is something requiring an adjustment, a new way of doing things, an opportunity to invent better, more efficient processes.  It is tragic for a lot of people but like any war it will advance medicine and innovation.  Without wars we would not have amputees running faster than full legged people and without the pandemic we would not have the raft of new epidemiologists and chemists and virologists now joining the pipeline at just the time we'll need them to counter the effects of global warming.

That's the big picture.

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