September 10th, 2020

57 degrees

Well, it's not Denver but it is cool this morning and projected to stay that way for, let's see, a day.  By Sunday it will be back up to 90.  But that is not 100 and the mornings are cool and we don't have fires here so quit your whining.

I'm going to be alone by mid day as Dana is going up for a few days to see her aunt and son's family in Tyler, four hours away.  She's taking Toby so it will be me and Zoe and the cat.  

With pre-work study to do, the U.S. Open, Tour de France, and football Zoe will probably not notice.  She's such a sports fiend.

I do have some studying to do in prep for my new gig.  I've already done what they required several days ago but will forge ahead.  Most of it is boiler plate 'this is how we interact with our white glove clients' kind of stuff.  How to do customer service 'our way'.  I try not to be annoyed.  But some of it is interesting troubleshooting kind of stuff, equipment interfaces and such so there is some that is interesting.  It would be kind of nice to get in a position of kind of level 2 support.

But we really haven't even started yet.  That is tomorrow.  The first live class.  So we'll see.


Applying logic to insanity

I'm not sure what happened with The Atlantic but all the sudden they have a lot of well written articles.  This one combines Covid research and anthropology and sociology and logic into a clear discussion of what is happening mostly in the U.S. with Covid.  One of those I need to go back and read in a few days.

Not a fast read but as comprehensive and as clear as anything I've run across so far.

Although he does not point it out I was thinking of how well Andrew Cuomo managed New York and what would have happened had we legitimate federal leadership during that same time frame.  How different would have been the result?