September 19th, 2020


Dana and I just drove through and got our flu shots.  Such a great system with Scott and White here.  Shottees where not even required to be S&W patients.  Fill out the form and get shot.  Never leave your car.  

I wanted to ask them, since the pres sez we'll have a Covid vaccine in a minute or two, could I just wait for it.

But decided I probably better not.

It is nap time now.  Let those antibodies do their thing.

Shower spider

I was getting in the shower, turning on the water and a real honest to goodness itsy bitsy spider was making a run for the drain.  And one thought lead to another.

I've got a son who is arachnophobic.  No idea when that started but when he was really little and lying in bed I'd do the 'Itsy, bitsy spider' thing with my fingers and all.  It occurred to me that if he had been afraid of spiders already what I thought was a cute song was a horror story to him.

Cut to: Spider that seems small to the adults in the world is actually a full size baby killing arachnid moving with force and meaning towards the water spout which he knows leads to a dinner of child.

Happy music: The rain saves the baby by washing the baby killing spider down and away.

But, ominous music: The rain is gone, the sun is out, the spider slowly, menacingly, creeps towards the water spout again.

Cut to: The baby's face as he knows what is coming.

Just a song?

You decide.

Both of my sons are a little strange and love horror movies.  Makes me wonder.


Hello, is this the party to whom I am speaking?

Unless things change I'm going to answer the phone tomorrow.  Don't call.  I have no idea what I'm doing and have no answers.  They threw us in the deep end and promise lifeguards.  

So I've got a couple of hours which will probably, at most, be four or five calls.  The documentation is complex and detailed and the most difficult thing to learn so each call requires post call filling out here, macro there, etc.  They only expect 2/hour for the first 30 days so I can likely handle it.

If it is anything like the email (when I bring up an email it is one written on 9 Sept...  there are something like 4 thousand emails in the queue right now) the people will be happy to have anyone on the phone, even me.