September 23rd, 2020

You know, my hair's not on fire right now But I am in a mood

Granted I'm white, and male, and not destitute (AND EMPLOYED!!) and I'll be dead before Miami goes under water (unfortunately... I'd kind of like to see the South Beach Sea World Exhibition) so I'm ceding much of my angst to the younger, more colorful and way more diverse demographic.

But I was listening to Mitt Romney who said (this is my memory.. I'm too lazy to look it up) 'hey, my liberal friends for decades have gotten used to having a liberal court and that is not written in the stars'.  Another person I'd love to have a beer glass of ice tea .. .oh, hell, some really nice water with and talk.  I've missed that.  I've missed having a conversation that does not include the idiocy that we currently call our Executive Branch.

I'm sorry that the police shot a woman whose boyfriend had a gun and maybe didn't use it wisely.  It was a stupid warrant, poorly issued, poorly executed, and poorly documented while it was going on.  But all the gun owners can kiss my ass.  You point one of those things at someone and things happen and not always what you expected.  This from someone who hung out with the Seals in Kuwait so I have some idea of where I speak.

I do not want a roll back of abortion rights and health care and gay marriage and human rights in general.  But we are not helpless.  We'll have a conservative court, and we WILL have a conservative court.  But Justice Scalia was right.  If you don't like the way things are in the Constitution, change the Constitution.  

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