October 8th, 2020

Still less one car

My Smart Car is still in the shop.  It is at the Mercedes dealership where I bought it so I feel like I've put it in a top notch hospital and am not worried.  Their prices are a little high but the car is such a specialty kind of thing to work on and I've not had hardly anything done since I bought it in 2012 that I can live with the cost.  Not like I'm going to buy another car.  It only has 63K miles on it and I do not drive it far any more.  The alternative would be using one car, a 2011 Rav 4 or buying another.  Repair costs vs car payment is a no brainer.  And the Smart Car is just too perfect for me.

So Mercedes has it for action as long as they need it.


I was watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and his guest Pete Buttigieg and I saw the future.

Harris / Buttigieg


1 — Biden and Harris will win 

2 — Biden will not serve 8 years

3 — Harris is already the presumptive D nominee for 2024

4 — She needs some serious support and after four years of working with Pete in the Biden administration they will be a team

Come on Trump puppies and Hannity / Carlson... we're ready to dance....