October 11th, 2020

Not altogether my favorite day

Along with having my smart car at the hospital now I've got Zoe at the emergency vet getting some antibiotics and pain pills for an abcessed tooth that will no doubt have to come out next week.
Both events at great expense. 
Fortunately I have some income coming in.  Whew.

Voting and Zoe and Work.. oh my

I dithered and worried and overthought the entire thing and we're not out of hot water yet but:

So close
So close

I actually mailed it.  By this point the mail people know damn well, even more than any other election, that they matter.  That they are being weighed and measured and compared to 228 years of their history.  So I took a flyer and trusted them on the very first day after I got my ballot.  Three hurtles.  Get the ballot, deliver the ballot, have it accepted.  Still waiting on number three, obviously. My signature it a scribble but it is pretty consistent.  Hopefully I licked the flap in the correct manner.

Zoe is back home.  I had to wait in the car for four hours as she was at the emergency vet competing  for vet time with some sicker dogs.  But we got through it.  She is SO happy to be home with her abscessed tooth, her antibiotics and her pain pills.  My thought is to get her on antibiotics for a couple days to get the infection under control then get her knocked out at the vets and let them do what they need to with her teeth while I stay home and drink and don't think about it.  Meanwhile, she seems OK.  Not in pain and not too drugged.  I think she's got doggie ibuprofen.  Looks like it is working so we're all OK.

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