October 13th, 2020


When I was in the Navy and one of my guys would be nearing the end of their enlistment they got all kinds of excited about it. 

(As an entirely unrelated aside, I've never, ever heard someone say "Geez I just retired from the military and I regret being in." but I've heard a lot of people say "I wish I'd stayed in for retirement.")

But when they were nearing the end of their enlistment they would start saying 'I'm short' and all kinds of short jokes would be flying around.  My favorite was "I'm so short I've got to get a ladder to climb up on a dime".  Just love that image.

But once they went under 100 days they became what is really not a nice phrase but I've got to say it 'a double digit midget'.  

Our current Commander In Chief fits that description perfectly in every way but maybe physical stature.

All those people lined up for hours on end are not Trumpists.  It doesn't matter how loud are his peoples, their numbers have not changed in four years and they can only vote once.  Unless they live in Chicago.  But that's another story and Rahm has that covered.