October 25th, 2020

The week

This will be a weird week.  I've got 20 hours remaining on the job.  It is entirely my commitment to commitment that drives me.  I'll make maybe $350 or so for the time but it is the fact that I put it on the schedule and said I'd do it that keeps me there.  They've got plenty of people and don't really need me, I would not be missed.  

The company for which I work has other gigs and I've never left a position burning bridges behind me.

But it will be hard.  The funny thing is I don't mind the people who call in.  It is a fun dance especially if they start out a little annoyed.  I've only had two people who were oil to my water or whatever.  I was not going to jolly them up no matter how I danced or sang.  But even the ones who start out all angry and in their righteous self mode are kind of fun to manage.  They are suckers for empathy and once you can fake that... well, you know.  Nearly everyone only wants someone to listen to them and try to help.  I should be a counselor..  well, maybe not.

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