November 6th, 2020

That sound is an entire country holding its breath

Such a strange day.

I just read a headline that new jobless claims fell and the stock market is doing OK. It reminded me that the world goes on.

I've been working on my blog project in my head and just now am putting together an outline, a list of topics, and a list of potential blog entries.  The object is to plan it out much as possible.  I think the writing will be easier than the planning and way easier if there IS planning.

Meanwhile I've had an event that is weirding me out a little.  To make a long story short I'll skip the reasons but I applied for life insurance recently.  A 15 year term policy meant to ensure Dana is comfortable if I kick off before she does.

The process was ridiculously difficult and I was about to abandon the company I was applying to.  They would ask the same question repeatedly and request a copy of the same release form for the same medical facility repeatedly.  All in all I really thought by the time we got to the end I didn't trust them much.  Turns out it didn't matter as they turned me down.  I've got apnea and life insurance companies hate that.  And AFIB.  Same.  

The algorithm in their computer says I will not live for 15 years and a day (which would be the perfect business model for them).   They put an expiration date on my forehead.  

My reaction was a healthy Fuck You.  But still, such a strange thing to have happen.  

Of course it is a strange time and this just kind of fits in.

Filo Fail

I'm on a roll of bad baking.  Following my leek and potato pasty bricks (also turns out I don't much like leeks) I now have a Filo pizza fail.  Carefully following the directions that were supposed to end up like this:

Oh, what a lovely home made pizza you made...
Oh, what a lovely home made pizza you made...
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Run away.. really, just run away

I had an interesting trip to the store today.  As I was near full of stuff and ready to leave I heard some guy yelling down the end of an isle probably 30 yards from me.  I don't remember and could not really hear but it seemed to me to be an argument and my immediate thought was some maskless asshole.

When I was in the Navy my job was to run towards trouble on the ship.  I mean, not like we could escape anywhere, so running towards the problem and nipping it in the bud was kind of important.  Kind of life and death.  I'd been trained in a fully engulfed engine room fire, 360 degrees of flame and I was on the front of the lead hose.  It was interesting.   When I got out of the Navy I resolved to leave the burning buildings and call the insurance company and I've maintained that stance since.

So this guy was yelling, obviously others were working the situation, I moved away and found more shopping to do on the other side of the store.  No pictures, no video, no looky loos...  never even turned back.  I was actually kind of waiting for the pop of a gun at which time I would have been on the deck asap.  It was maybe two minutes when a couple of beefy guys, one in police cammos strapped with a gun came running past me towards the melee.  I smiled but was wearing a mask so it was lost on them.  A little more noise and the back door alarm went off and it was quiet.

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