November 11th, 2020

Zoe minus a few teeth

They took out three teeth.  One was cracked and two were kind of canine wisdom teeth, I guess, only partially formed and having problems.  She did fine according to the vet and has been doing well at home.

Anyone who has had anesthetic knows how this feels:

Stoned again
Stoned again

She's got some puppy ibuprofen that I gave her this morning and she's been eating.  I'm going to take her for a short around the block walk this morning but I think by tomorrow she'll be ready for our usual walk.

So she's bouncing back well.

All of LJ getting cranky

With the election kind of over and in that irritating bit of time between getting rid of the hairball and receiving a functioning government life seems to reflect the times.  Most of the entries in my feed are people clearly getting tired of the person they are doing the covid quarantine with.  We all need to trade roommates.  Everyone send their other half one state to the left and then we can start over.

I'm more than a pretty face.

I've also been interacting with Brits too much.  I've got a blog group that is run by a Brit, of course my occasional interaction with the sudoku masters at Cracking the Cryptic, and the Great British Bakeoff.  Don't even get me started on all the Irish I've got in my audible book collection.  

Two huge and endearing things about the Great British Bakeoff.  

1 — The prize is a freakin' cake stand!!  I love that.  In the US it would have to be $100,000 or something.  What if the Voice gave out a microphone to the winner.  That would change the whole program.

2 — When the bakers are criticized they apologize.  "You should have used hard flour so that it would properly support your ganache"  I'm sorry.  "And that filling just didn't work" I'm sorry.  In the US I don't know what they would do but they wouldn't apologize.  They'd wait until off camera to say "That's your opinion" I guess.  

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