November 14th, 2020

It is winter so we're all cramped inside

The whole seasonal thing doesn't work her in Texas so I can't figure it out.  With more cases than any other state (we're so proud) we aren't having cold weather.  It is outside time for us, perfect weather for running and cycling.  Mid 70's.  So people are out and about and not stuck inside with the AC.  Just the reverse.

BUT, we've got a huge load of deniers and people who, I suppose, just don't care about others.  Between those two groups we've got a lot of maskless get togethers.  The football covid explosions are from home parties, not tailgating.  I think people around here are just going to ignore it until it gets so bad that everything grinds to a halt.

Our county is at the moment not in bad shape BUT it looks like it could easily go either way right now:

We're way to close to the red zone of spread
We're way to close to the red zone of spread
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