November 15th, 2020

Snowy Evening

I was watching a movie "The Only Living Boy In New York".  It is an interesting movie so incredibly far from all of today's angst.  I used to sing that song in my head while walking the Manhattan streets. It was on the radio and I had a free place to stay in the city.  The movie reminded me while quoting Yeats and Frost that I'm going about things wrong.  Again.

So I bought a volume of Frost and will pick up where I left off at 15 when I was at Virginia Episcopal School and heard the poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.  Heard it in music sung by the VES boy's choir that I so wanted to join but failed in audition.  I was to read the poem over and over moving up to Frost's New England a year later and living in those woods for the first time.  I remember walking in a blizzard and hearing the song again.  I thought I understood it so well but at that age had only viewed the code and was not near to cracking it.

Now I'm ready for another immersion in Mr. Frost.  I need lyric separation from what has become just too much meaningless noise.  Sound and Fury.