November 16th, 2020

Already a busy day

I've got a Costco membership and for the first year it was an Executive one since they gave me the $60 off so I could experience it.  But nothing in that package makes much difference to me (oooh.. cruise packages).  There are a very few things that make Costco worthwhile for us.  Just barely enough to re-up, which I did, but at the $60 level.  Changing the membership level meant I had to go in and use the service desk.  Fortunately there is still the old people hour at 9 so I got the membership thing out of the way for the year then bought some dog food and olive oil.  And cinnamon rolls that are now in the freezer.  I separate the rolls and freeze them and put them in their own baggies then eat them one at a time when I feel like it, usually once or twice a week.  They are nearly as good as what I make.  I then stopped at the regular store for milk and eggs on the way home.

Lots of people.  I'm peopled out.

The ice maker in my refrigerator broke again over the weekend so I've engaged my warranty people to get a repairman out.  It is not filling with water so I'm fairly sure the solenoid that controls the valve filling the tray is not working.  Or the valve is not.  My end of the cost is capped at $75 which is pretty much why I got the warranty service in the first place.  For the entire house.  Anything that breaks for the next two years costs $75.  So far that has only been the ice maker.

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I don't much remember nightmares

And I hate listening to people talk about dreams.


Night before last I was sleeping alone and was woken out of a dead sleep by someone intensely whispering my name in my ear.

And I started upright.

And there was no one in the room.

No ghosts, no spirits, just me.  

No idea what my brain was trying to tell me but I wish it would just spit it out without scaring the bejesus out of me.  I'm here all week.