November 22nd, 2020

Plan B - support small business

I had a brilliant, although somewhat delayed, realization that I was not using all the tools available, nor even the best ones.  For years when I ran a small business I had a friend who ran a dry cleaning service.  I dresses my crew in very nice shirts.  My agreement was that I'd provide shirts and keep them clean.  So every week they'd put their shirts in a bag and we'd send them off.  Two days later they would come back on hangars.  Everyone got three shirts and they were responsible for ensuring that they had clean, pressed shirts all the time.  It worked really well.  

My wonderful niece, Amy and the rest of the crew in 2010.
My wonderful niece, Amy and the rest of the crew in 2010.

After leaving the business I had no reason to use the dry cleaner guy.  One day after we moved into our new house a different small business dropped off a bag at our house.  We've used them a couple of times, especially Dana, but I don't have anything that needs cleaning so we're not a big cash cow for them.

BUT they also do laundry!!!

So we get to solve the whole lack of a dryer problem and support a small business AND be lazy.  And I don't have to buy 100 clothes pins I'll never use again.

Brilliant!  They are coming this Tuesday and returning the clean clothes on Friday.

All of which is to day I did not go to Walmart this morning.  Instead I went to HEB and it was packed at 7:30 this morning.  

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