November 27th, 2020

Feels like Monday

The day after Thanksgiving is such a weird day.  I'd be hung over if I had anything to drink.  It is just one of those days.  And it is drizzly.  Zoe and I went for a walk as did Dana and Toby.  I stopped taking Toby all the time.  Not only did I enjoy the walk less, Dana didn't get any exercise as she was not motivated by Toby's need to walk.  So, doubly bad.  Law of unintended consequences.

Zoe and I have a rhythm and process and know what each other is doing.  It works better with just the two of us.

I listened to Hacks on Tap, a podcast that now the election is over is kind of looking for a direction.  But it started me thinking.  I'd read through some of the reading amw recommends and ran across a bunch of people who voted for Trump or voted for Biden but only reluctantly.  In other words, Trump supporters who spent some time defending their position.  It is so difficult to find any reasoned defense of Trump, for good reason.  

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Smoked turkey

Joining a new family brings new food.  susandennis was writing about turkey and mayo sandwiches.  We cooked ribs since we already had turkey.  A Greenberg smoked turkey, the tradition of my wife's family.  We used to send them out and might have this year but the facility burned down and there were none.  Everyone who had ordered (and I was about to) had their money refunded.  

Dana apparently had a discussion with a friend who had a line on a turkey or two that had been purchased before the fire.  She drove up to Waco and got it and proudly brought it home.

So we have turkey sandwiches and turkey pate (Dana's creation that is to die for).  And ribs and potato salad and beans.  For two.  Freezer time.