December 4th, 2020

Way too spoiled

Amazon has ruined me.  I received notice that my shoes are on the way from Spring, Texas.  Three hours away by car.  Fifty five hours if walking.  I'm assuming they are walking and making some stops.  Not due here until Tuesday.  Five days including today.  

But they are on the way and with some real luck will fit me.  If they don't fit I can swing by the Fleet Feet store and take them back for more discussion which is a huge gain over Zappos.  It costs me about $20 more to get them through the Fleet Feet store but considering why I'm getting them I think it is worthwhile.  If they feel good right off I'll wear them around the house for a day and then decide.  Shoes that helps with the arthritis pain are worth every penny.  I'm actually pretty jazzed just to know what is the problem.  Arthritis?  Yeah, well, it happens.  I can live with it and not much choice.  So if some better shoes help I'm thrilled.

The next piece of my window box terrarium is coming today but I think it is only the moss.  So I've got the top and the moss.  Not quite ready for prime time yet.  I've got to cut the ledge extension and test that it works the way it does in my head before the actual terrarium gets here.  And maybe paint it.

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