December 5th, 2020

Ahead of my time

I just saw this in the Axios stream in a list of things to do to mitigate the pandemic and its affect:

Take a not-sharing-is-caring pledge on social media and in conversation. Don't share stories, memes, random B.S. about the virus unless you can authenticate it. We can all agree misinformation is bad.

I'm apparently ahead of my time having dumped FB for all but business interaction 10 years ago and only lurking on Twitter until I entirely dumped it to enhance my emotional stability six months ago.

Granted I'm an introverted misanthropic curmudgeon (can I have my own abbreviation: IMC?) having gotten old enough that my attitude is expected.  It is easier for me to withdraw from what passes for social engagement online and I realize that it is not so easy for others.  

As much as I love the advancement of technology and getting to see what we as people can do, the results of what we do with it are a little appalling.  It is like we're given this amazing paint set and all we do is slosh it on a square canvas and sell it.... oh, wait.  Bad example.   It's like we created this amazing machine that moves people across the planet and we confine it to a stadium and just ram it into another amazing vehicle....  oh, wait.

OK, it is entirely predictable that we have technology and use it to light ants on fire.  But there are some who grow up and decide to stop doing that.

Let's be like them.

If it is not one dog it's another or a cat

Zoe has exhibited symptoms kind of consistent with IBS the details of which I'll spare you.  She does not appear to be sick other than that she has lost weight (which she needed) and I thought it was due to the walks and constricting the diet some.  But I think now it is different.  I had her stool checked for parasites a couple of weeks ago but it came back negative.  So I've written the vet with all the details requesting an appointment next week.  Fortunately Zoe's schedule is free as is mine.

Toby has ear problems and Dana has been back twice.  It is a yeast infection, I think.  She wasn't doing the prescription drops right I don't believe so this has lasted longer than it needed to but I'm committed to letting her make the mistakes rather than jumping in as I'm want to do.

So Toby also has an appointment coming up to be seen again.

Our cat, Fritter, is hanging on barely.  We got him in 2005 so it is time.  He barely escaped a trip a few months ago.  He was listless, crying all the time and not eating.  I called the vet and made an appointment so, of course, he perked up.  But he's a couple of howls away from another appointment.  I don't want him to suffer and neither does Dana but it is hard to tell the difference between just being old and cranky and being in pain.  He won't discuss it.  I won't miss him but Dana will.

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