December 6th, 2020

Sunny and mild

Just got back from my Zoe gambol.  True to form her diarrhea has gone away now I've written the vet asking for an appointment.  I should be able to set things up for later in the week to get more data and see if it has truly gone away.

Meanwhile, it was a lovely walk and a lovely morning.  I'm looking forward to my new shoes coming Tuesday.  It would be pretty nice to be able to walk without twinges of arthritis.  Fingers crossed.

I'm on the last of season 2 of Potter Throw Down.  They are working with porcelain and having all the problems I had with it.  YES!  

 Later I'll look in on Raised By Wolves hoping it is crappy and I don't have to get more HBO Max.  I'll finish the third and final season of PTD this week so no worries there.  I've already got to get HBO Max for Dune whenever that comes out and likely other movies.  So annoying.

Otherwise there are a couple of football games today.  I used to really pay attention to football but not so much anymore.  A few college games and watching Patrick Mahomes play is enough for a weekend.   

We are in the middle of such a cultural shift it is hard to fathom what our society will be like in 10 years.  

Waffling fail

I had a batch of fluffy light waffle batter all ready to go. After two waffles the waffle iron died. It was very sad. I converted to blueberry pancakes and they are pretty good but I now have to replace my waffle iron. 

Fortunately I have an America's Test Kitchen subscription and was able to find a far superior waffle iron (this one, if you must know) for about 40 bucks and it's on its way with delayed shipping sometime next week. But it did make for a traumatic breakfast. It's not like I have to have waffles. I could just pour is syrup in a glass and drink it straight. The cheese omelets and grilled potatoes with peppers and onions combined with the blueberry pancakes did manage to elevate my day. That and seen the Jaguars leading (for now) Minnesota helps. 

It's nice to have the door open to the screened in porch and the outside as I listen to the wind wheel we have on the back yard. Enjoying the winter and not having air conditioning or heating on for a little while anyway. Maybe it'll pay for the waffle iron.

New shoes -- 3 days early

I was supposed to get my new shoes on Tuesday but they came today.  Underpromised and overdelivered.

Yr basic shoe
Yr basic shoe

They are very thick soled and 4W wide (my feet keep spreading out) and don't bend like typical shoes but rock instead.  So they keep my feet from having to flex with the sole.  So my arthritis is stable.  I don't think these are my triathlon shoes.  I'm wearing them around the house tonight to be sure (and inside only so I can return them if they don't still feel good) and if they are OK, then on the walk tomorrow for the real test.

I'm hopeful.  It would be nice to walk without the painful twinges.

Love Christmas time delivery.  Way faster.