December 9th, 2020

Zoe update

I took her to the vet regarding a month and a half of loose bowels and got some different antibiotics to try.  I think the first antibiotics she had for her abscessed tooth caused the digestion problem.  The vet said that she could not see enough of one kind of bacteria.  Or too much.  Remote vet is not the best.  Regardless, more antibiotics and daily probiotics will hopefully fix it.  She seems to feel fine.  Runs around on the walks like always and eats well and drinks well.  So it is hopefully minor and will fix itself soon.

There does not, fortunately, appear to be anything major like cancer that these dogs tend to get at her age.  She's got the lumps for it but they are all benign fat lumps so far.

Happily.  Very happily.