December 14th, 2020

Retro day in a retro life

I've got some David Crosby playing in the background after having watched most of "CSNY 50 by 4" last night.  Their first album came out when I was in high school.  James Taylor, Led Zepplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, the Doors, and then CSNY (there were actually so many others).  There was a book "The Rock and Roll Encyclopedia" that came out not too long after that told much of the story of Laurel Canyon.  This was a time when not every piece of information in the world was at one's fingertips (great story about naming the 7 dwarfs I'll get to one day).  So there were lengthy discussions by a bunch of us sharing the one piece of the puzzle we had about just how CSN and Y came together.  The Hollies, the Byrds and all the interactions that were required to make magic happen.  The movie does a good job of putting all that together (several others discuss the Laurel Canyon itself and an excellent article documents the environment in detail).

[Turns out that was 50 years ago.  Remarkable that I remember it so well since I'm not nearly that old.  ]

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