December 19th, 2020

My favorite company I don't much care for

I've written about them before and it is my example of what should be on the news right beside the economic down turn.

It is a local family bakery that has been open only a couple of years.  While everyone else has been sitting around bemoaning their lack of work, their lack of life, the dismal present, this family had been working their butts off building up a business.  In the past six months they've hired half a dozen new people and expanded their reach and their repertoire through outside Farmer's markets and word of mouth.

I somehow became aware of them last spring and have been watching, have spread their name around, and have exchanged some emails with them.  You CAN NOT write a review without getting a nearly immediate reply of thanks.  They do not miss a single opportunity.

One day they had their truck loaded up ready for a huge Austin farmer's market when it was cancelled.  They used their email list and sent out a plea for anyone needing bread to come get it and help them out.  They sold out in hours.  That is their clientele.

So, now the second half of the title.  A little sourdough bread goes a long way with me and really I like to make it from scratch over the course of a couple of weeks (and did so long before the pandemic made it cool).  I like a lot of bread, different kinds, and I do like sourdough but can have it once a year.

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I rather enjoyed knowing less

When I was a good deal younger I had a summer job in South Carolina on the loading dock of a textile mill (my father was Pres of the company, lived in NYC, and arranged the job).  I was 16 and lived by myself in a room of a nice elderly lady.  Most of my meals were taken at a local diner (back when I really did not pay much attention to food other than filling myself up when I got hungry).  And I went to the movies.

There was no Internet.  Computers were huge mainframes.  Gates was still in high school.

I saw the movie Z and the movie Easy Rider without knowing anything about them at all.  No social media buzz.  No review.  No 'no spoilers in this' clips to see.  Just the title and, in the case of Easy Rider, the people in them.  I did know that Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda were in it.  There were newspapers then.

The downside of seeing a movie in that fashion is that it requires at least one other viewing to get the subtext, the idea behind the idea, the nuances of film and sound and another look at the hookers and the mesh stockings.

The advantage of seeing it that was is the impact is there.  There is no prejudgment, no foreshadowing other than what the film makers put in, no expectations.  Just let it wash over.  

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